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Website Maintenance

Website Care

Leave your website maintenance in the hands of professionals and know that your online presence is taken care of, leaving you to focus on your business.

WordPress is the most popular CMS in the world, and it is easy to use, but it does require timely and ongoing website maintenance.

Keeping the core system (WordPress), your plugins and the theme up to date is critical. This will ensure that your website continues preforming at its best, and is kept as secure as possible from hackers and malicious attacks.

By keeping everything up to date (WordPress System, themes and plugins), and by implementing extra security measures as the need arises, we can help reduce the risk of your website being compromised.
Outdated or unsupported plugins can play a big role in hindering your website’s performance.

This in turn, reduces your search engine rankings and results in you losing customers. Your website runs smoother and performs better when plugins, themes and core files are up-to-date.

By hiring us to help you maintain your website, the chances of your site being down or needing major repairs or a full re-development are greatly reduced.
Fresh Content and updates to existing content

The idea of owing a website that you can update yourself is wonderful, but in reality, your time is limited.

You can outsource a portion, or all of your content updates to us.

Our Website Care Packages!


Terms & Conditions

Our website maintenance packages are only available to our own clients. We do not provide support for websites which have been designed or developed by another web agency.

If you choose a monthly website care package which does not include a Theme Redesign, we can still redesign your theme whenever you choose, at a reduced once-off cost of £45 / R900 per page.

Additional content changes, not covered under your package can be provided at our standard rate of £25 / R450 per hour, or part thereof. You will be notified in advance if you have used up the allocated time.

A minimum contract of 12 months applies on sign-up. Thereafter, the contract runs on a month-to-month basis, with a 30 day cancellation period.